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Amigurumi Clown Free Pattern

Required Materials
-Acrylic yarn 370m/100g colors: nude for face and hands and any other colors at your discretion.
-Suitable size hook       
-Knitting Needles № 2-5 pieces
-Plastic for sculpting eyes, mouth, buttons or ready eyes, as well as accessories for decoration
-A little wool for felting (you can replace the yarn).
SBN-Non-lime column
VP-Air Loop

HeadRed1row: 6SBN in a ring2row: 6d = 123row: 6d, 6SBH = 184row-6row: 18SBN7th row: 6ub, 6SBN = 128th row: 3ub, 6SBN = 99th row: (1SBN, 1ub) х3 = 6Nude10th row: 6d = 1211th row: (1SBN, 1d) х6 = 1812th row: (2SBB, 1d) х6 = 2413th row: (3SBN, 1d) х6 = 3014th row: (4SBN, 1d) х6 = 3615th row: (5SBN, 1d) х6 = 4216th row: (6MBN, 1d) х6 = 4817th row: (7SBN, 1d) х6 = 5418row: 54 SBN19th row: (8SBN, 1d) х6 = 6020series-21series: 60SBN22row: (9SBN, 1d) х6 = 6623series-26series: 6627th Row: (9SBN, 1ub) х6 = 6028row-29series: 60SBN30th row: (8SBN, 1ub) х6 = 5431row: 54 SBN32 Series: (7SBN, 1ub) х6 = 4833 Series: (6SBN, 1ub) х6 = 4234 Series: (5SBN, 1ub) х6 = 3635 Series: (4SBN, 1ub) х6 = 3036 Series: (3SBN, 1ub) х6 = 2437 Series: (2SBB, 1ub) х6 = 1838 Series: (1 SBN, 1ub) х6 = 1239 Series: 6ub. Cut and hide the threa

Body1row: 6SBN2row: 6d = 123row: (1SBN, 1d) х6 = 184th row: (2SBB, 1d) х6 = 245th row: (3SBN, 1d) х6 = 306th row: (4SBN, 1d) х6 = 367th row: (5SBN, 1d) х6 = 428th row: (6SBN, 1d) х6 = 489row: 48 SBN10th row: (7SBN, 1d) х6 = 5411row: 54 SBN12th row: (8SBN, 1d) х6 = 6013series-14series: 60SBN15th row: 9SBN, 1d) х6 = 6616series-18series: 66 SBN19th row: 9SBN, 1ub) х6 = 6020row-22row: 60SBN23th row: 8SBN, 1ub) х6 = 5424series-26series: 54 SBN27th Row: (7SBN, 1ub) х6 = 4828row: 48 SBN29th row: (6SBN, 1ub) х6 = 4230th row: (5SBN, 1ub) х6 = 3631row: 36 SBN32 Series: (4SBN, 1ub) х6 = 3033 Series: (3SBN, 1ub) х6 = 2434 Series-37 series: 24SBN.Head to the torso

Hands1row: 4SBN in a ring2row-3row: 4SBBKnit 4 identical fingers for each hand. On the fourth finger the thread is not doomed. Collect your fingers in the palm.4th row: 2sbn on the first finger, 2nd on the second finger, 4SBN on the third finger, 2nd on the second, 2сb on the first finger = 125row: 12SBN6row (for left hand): 1SBN, 2sbb together with thumb loops, 9SBH = 127row (for left hand): 1SBN, 2SBN on thumb loops. 9SBN = 126row (for Right hand): 3SBN,, 2sbb with thumb loops, 7sb=127th row (for right hand): 3SBN, 2sbn on thumb loops, 7sb=128row: 12SBN9th row: 6ub = 610th row: (1SBN, 1d) х3 = 911series-12series: 9SBN13th row: (2SBB, 1d) х3 = 1214series-17series: 12SBN18th row: (3SBN, 1d) х3 = 1519series-20series: 15SBN21th row: (4SBN, 1d) х3 = 1822row-26series: 18SBN27th Row: (4SBN, 1ub) х3 = 1528th Row: (3SBN, 1ub) х3 = 1229row: 6ub. Tighten. Attach the hands with a thread fastening or sewing to the torso

FeetBoot TopWhite1row: 6SBN in a ring2row: 6d = 123row: (1SBN, 1d) х6 = 184row: 18SBN5th row: (2SBB, 1d) х6 = 246th row: 6SBN, 15VP, skip 9VP in the opposite direction, continue knitting in 10-yfrom the hook of the VP 6SBN on the VP, 18SBN on the main circle, leaving no free, not proyazhenno loops = 45

7row: 34 SBN, (1d, 3SBB) х2, 1d, 2SBN = 488row: 35 SBN, (1d, 4SBB) х2, 1d, 2SBN = 519row-10th row: 51 Cut the thread.SoleBlack1row: 6SBN in a ring2row: 6d = 123rd row: 3SBN, 10VP, 9sbn in the opposite direction on the VP, 3SBN, (1SBN, 1d) х3 = 544row: 1d, 10SBN, 3SBN in one loop, 12SBN, (1d, 2sbb) х3 = 395row: 12SBN, 3d, 13SBN, (1d, 3SBB) х2, 1d, 2SBN = 446row: 12SBN, (1SBN, 1d) х3, 14SBN, (1d, 4SBB) х2, 1d, 2SBN = 51

Fold the top and bottom of the shoe together and touch 1 row of bars without a scale, capturing together 1 white and 1 black loops. Thread trim and hide

AnkleWe start knitting from the top of the shoe, where there was formed a hole of 9-th VP.Yellow1row: 9SBN2row: (2SBB, 1d) х3 = 12Purple3row: 12SBN4th row: (3SBN, 1d) х3 = 15Yellow5row – 6row: 15SBNViolet7th row: (4SBN, 1d) х3 = 188row: 18SBNYellow9series-10series: 18SBN11th row: (1SBN, 1ub) х6 = 1212row: 6ub. Leave the thread

Attach feet with thread fastening or sewing

ShirtKnit on 2 Spokes № 21row: Dial 20 loops2row: 1kм, (3persons, 1 scum) х6, 1kм = 263row: 264th row: 1kм, (1 scale, 4 persons) х6, 1kм = 325row: 32.6row: 1kм, 2 persons, (1 scale, 5 persons) Х5, 1 scum, 3 persons, 1 Kkrom = 387row: 38.8th row: 1kм, 4persons, (1 scale, 6 persons) Х5, 1 scum, 2 persons, 1 kchrome = 449series-11series: 44 Loops12th row: 1kм, 1 persons, (1 scale, 7 persons) Х5, 1 scum, 6 persons, 1kм = 5013series: 50izn14th row: 1kм, 5persons, (1 scale, 8 persons) Х5, 1 scum, 3ltz, 1kм = 5615row: 5616th row: 1kм, 2persons, (1 scale, 9LC) х5, 1 scum, 7 persons, 1 kchrome = 6217row: 62.18th row: 1kм, 7persons, (1 scum, 10 persons) Х5, 1 scum, 3 persons, 1 kchrome = 6819series: 6820th row: 1kм, 3persons, (1 scale, 11 persons) Х5, 1 scum, 8 persons, 1 kchrome = 7421row: 74.22nd row: 1chrome. 10 persons, 16 loops to remove on an additional spoke or to collect on a pin, 20 persons, 16 persons to remove on additional. Spokes, 10persons, 1kм = 4223row: 42.24series – 33 Series: 42 Front-line loops34 Series: Close 42 loops.Sleeveto 16 facial Add 2 Facial, Proyaziryh of armpits (armpits) = 18 to be on 4 spokes 8 rows9row (crochet, yellow yarn): (1ub, 3VP) – until the end of the seriesGate1row: On a pile with the reverse side of the shirt dial 20 loops.2row: 20izn3row: 1kм, * (from one loop to knit 1 persons, 1 scum, 1 persons) 1 persons * X9 = 384row: 38.5th row: 1kм, 1 persons, (3 of one, 3persons) х8, 3 from one, 2 persons, 1 chrome = 566row: 56.7th row: 1kм, 2 persons, (3 of one, 5 persons) Х8, 3 from one, 3persons, 1kм = 748row: 74.9row: Crochet! (1ub, 3VP) – until the end of a series ofPut the shirt on the doll in front and close the seam on the back.PantsKnitting on two spokes of a face smooth 2 identical, but multicolored details.1row: Dial 32 loops.2row-21row: 32 loops22row: 3persons Close, 29persons23row: 3n Close, 26izn24row: 2 persons Close, 24 persons25row: 2n Close, 22izn26series: Crochet (1ub, 3VP) – Repeat until the end of the series.Embroider on each detail a contrasting color hearts, circles or just dots. Sew 2 parts. Tie the top with one row of bars without a scale. Put the trousers on the doll and fasten the straps of the air loops.Hat1row: 6SBN in a ring2row: 6d = 123row: (1SBN, 1d) х6 = 184th row: (2SBB, 1d) х6 = 245series-10series: 24SBN11th row: (3SBN, 1d) х6 = 3012th row: (4SBN, 1d) х6 = 3613th row: (5SBN, 1d) х6 = 4214th row: (6SBN, 1d) х6 = 48. Cut and hide the thread. A contrasting thread tie the ribbon from the VP and decorate the hat with a bow.DesignWe select the bridge, pulling the eye sockets between each other at the level of 5-7 series. Our eyes, mouth and button are made of plastic. Glue

Hair is made of wool: carefully outline the hair growth line on the head. Cut off a piece of wool equal to twice the length of the desired hair (ie, if you want the length of the hair was 2 cm, then cut off 4-4.5 cm). Cut another piece of wool, equal to the length of the planned line of hair. Twist his harness. Apply hair to the head so that the hair line is in the middle. On this line perpendicular to the hair put the harness and attach it to the head. Lower, comb the hair, give them shape. Toning cheeks, drawing eyebrows

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