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Amigurumi Designers : JuliHMtoys

Hello dear Amigurumi Lovers
Today’s amigurumi designer artist in our introduction:

First of all, let’s talk about the artist.
As she writes in instagram profil she lives in Kiev, Ukraine and She is amigurumi designer and pattern writer.

Juli has got only 6105 followers on Instagram. I have to say this: it is very few for this good designes and this “Beatiful Lady” of course. So please don’t forget the follow her instagram profile after this article dear lovers.

Now I want to talk something about the designes of Juli.

Juli often knits bears,bunnies, monsters and dolls in cute way.

It certainly has multi-colored patterns and the knitted amigurumis have sharp and clear lines.

Here are our favorite amigurumi designes of JuliHMtoys :


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