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Amigurumi Rainbow pattern

Hello friends! The scorching summer heat is finally over and we are now getting regular showers with occasional heavy rains. In addition to the cool and lovely weather, we also get to see Rainbows at times. Aren’t they splendid to look at!
Rainbows reminds me of  happiness and positivity. I want to share the joy with you all so here’s an amigurumi pattern on how to make a mini rainbow.

Materials needed:

  •  Acrylic yarn in violet, blue, green, yellow, pink and dark pink
  •  Crochet hook according to the size of your yarn
  •  6mm black beads for eyes
  •  Polyfiber stuffing
  •  Black embroidery thread
  •  Little piece of white felt for bow (optional)

This project is worked in continuous rounds unless stated otherwise

sc- single crochet
sl st – slip stitch
sc inc – 2sc in same stitch
dec – sc 2 together

With violet yarn, leave around 15 cm at the start and chain 12,  sl st to the first chain.
R1: sc in the same space and sc in each of the remainig 11 chain space (12sc)
switch color to blue yarn
R2: 2 sc in each stitch (24)
switch to green yarn
R3: *sc in next st, sc inc in next st*, rep **  (36)
switch to yellow yarn
R4: *sc in next 2 st, sc inc in next st* rep ** (48)
switch to light pink color
R5: *sc in next 3 st, sc inc in next st* rep ** (60)
switch to dark pink color
R6: *sc in next 4 st, sc in next st* rep** (72) leave a long tail for sewing

Note: While changing colors, in the last stitch before color change use the new color for final yarn over to complete the last sc.


  • Fold the round piece into half and whip stitch around the bottom half using the long tail of violet color yarn left at the beginning.
  • Whip stitch at top half with the dark pink yarn and stuff as you go.
  • Add in the round beads for eyes.
  • Make a bow out of white felt and sew them to the top of the rainbow.
  • Embroider a mouth using black thread.

Turn them into brooch or into hairclips. I’m sure the little girls will love to wear them.

Make them for your loved ones and spread the happiness all around you 🙂

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