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Baby octopus amigurumi

While many crocheters loves making blankets, scarfs and doilies, i always end up making cutesy little crochet projects and amigurumis. Guess the little girl in me likes cute stuffs and partly because i don’t have enough patient to make big projects.

Here’s a look at my baby octopus amigurumi that i made recently..

This is a free pattern from Berrysprite but i’ve modified a little for tentacles. It’s very easy to make and can finish making it in less than an hour. I ended up making them in different colors and attached a tiny bow for a more kawaii look.

I planned to add a small loop above and make it a keychain or bag charm..

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing” – Dale Carneige

I hope you do what you love and have fun in the process.. Have a fantastic day!! cheers 🙂

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