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Crochet Cherry Applique pattern

I saw a lovely Cherry applique by Mamta in net while searching for a pattern but it’s not a free pattern..  Inspired by that, i decided to give it a try and made it on my own..  They are simple and easy to make and you can add them to any crochet blankets, hats or clothing..

Pattern instruction:
Materials: small amount of acrylic yarn ( green and red).
2.5 mm hook ( use bigger or smaller hook for different sizes ).
Yarn needle.
For making leaves:
with green yarn, ch 8, *sc in second ch from the hook, hdc in the next ch, dc in next three ch, hdc in next ch, sc in the last ch*. without cutting the yarn, ch 8 again and repeat * * once and sl st to the nearby chain of first leaf. you’ll get leaves like the one in below picture.
For making cherry (make 2):
With red yarn,
R1: 7 sc in magic ch and sl st to the first sc made in this row.
R2: 2 sc in each ch and sl st to the first sc made in this row.

For joining: sl st green yarn to one end of a cherry and chain 9 and sl st the end to the middle of leaves,  and chain 7 and sl stc the end to other cherry. fasten off and weave in the ends.
ch – chain.
sc – single crochet.
hdc – half double crochet.
dc – double crochet.
sl stc – slip stitch.

Do try them and tell me if you liked it..

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