Amigurumi, crochet, doll

Little ami doll…

Guess i’m on doll making spree.. while there are loads of useful stuff to crochet, i spend my time making dolls and  have to say i don’t regret it at all:)

Made the dress in my favorite color and i love it! i think the hair came out well too.. guess i should improve my single crochet decrease as i couldn’t get the stitches neat..

This weekend i dragged my husband to Daiso and bought some colorful felts and yarn.. I have to be content with this for now as i was getting some furious glance from my husband while i tried to pile more into the cart..

Wanna know why i bought these felts??? to make more dolls, of course 🙂 I’ve already started working on it and will soon make a post about it..

So how was your weekend?? what have you been up to??
Wishing you all a blessed July! hugs 🙂

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